Versus/Meiho VS-8050 Tackle Box #Black*กล่องอุปกรณ์

รหัสสินค้า : 4963189126519
5,000 THB 4,000 THB
สถานะของสินค้า : สินค้าพร้อมส่ง

Versus/Meiho VS-8050 Tackle Box #Black*กล่องอุปกรณ์

Do you have a bunch of fishing tackle and supplies that you need to store in your garage or shed? Or maybe you have a big trip coming up and you just want to be prepared. Well then you stumbled upon the right page as the VS-8050 tackle box is for you! This large plastic fishing storage case breaks down into 3 sections. The first is a small quick access area inside the lid that has 4 fixed dividers and 4 removable ones. This area is great for anything you might need to grab quickly like hooks, weights or bait. The next is larger storage area inside the case itself. This storage space is good for your larger items or fishing lures as it has 7 removable dividers and 4 with hook notches so you can hang your lures and rigs. Finally we get to the drawers. There are 4 pull out drawers in the front of the tackle case that each have a variation of fixed and removable dividers so you can truly customize your storage areas. With all of this, the VS-8050 also has a comfortable carrying handle and several closing latches that keep all the compartments closed during transport. Drawers in the VS-8050 can be removed and replaced with VS-3045 compartment case (sold separately). 

Product Features
- Black Plastic Tackle Box
- Quick Access Top Section Inside Lid With 4 Removable Dividers
- 7 Removable Plastic Dividers Inside Tackle Box
- 4 Pull Out Drawers With Multiple Fixed and Removable Compartments
- Comfortable Carrying Handle
- Versus Logo Sticker On Case
- Secure Plastic Latch Closures On Each Lid

Material : Impact Resistant Copolymer
Size : 542 x 300 x 297 mm.
Weight : 5.92 kg.
Color : Black

Made in Japan


Barcode 4963189126519
Name Versus/Meiho VS-8050 Tackle Box #Black*กล่องอุปกรณ์
Brand Versus/Meiho
หมวดหมู่สินค้า สินค้าหมวด (E) กล่อง,กระเป๋า,ซอง,กระบอก
Model Versus/Meiho VS-8050 Tackle Box #Black*กล่องอุปกรณ์
Size 542 x 300 x 297 mm.
Color Black
Weight 5.92 kg.
Price 4,000 THB