Plano Magnum™ Satchel*กล่องอุปกรณ์

รหัสสินค้า : 024099013499
1,400 THB 1,260 THB
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Plano Magnum™ Satchel*กล่องอุปกรณ์

Medium magnum tackle satchel with two layers of storage one with built-in removable spinner racks, and large storage that can hold four 3449 series stowaway utility boxes. Top storage has a transparent blue lid with 25 dividers to customize your storage box to your needs. This box will hold a variety of different fishing equipment and hardware items such as model making, DIY. With a swivel handle, this box makes a great compact satchel that is easy to carry and take with you out on your fishing trips.

All Features
Blue transparent Lid
Carry Handle for easy transport
2 Removable Spinnerbait Racks
Size : 33.65cm (L) x 26.03cm (H) x 15.55cm (W)
Room for four 3449 Series Stowaway Utility Boxes

Made in THE USA


Barcode 024099013499
Name Plano Magnum™ Satchel*กล่องอุปกรณ์
Brand Plano
หมวดหมู่สินค้า สินค้าหมวด (E) กล่อง,กระเป๋า,ซอง,กระบอก
Model Plano Magnum™ Satchel*กล่องอุปกรณ์
Size 33.65cm (L) x 26.03cm (H) x 15.55cm (W)
Price 1,260 THB